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Doctor Soccer assists in the development of junior and youth soccer players by providing coaching programs and training methods used by professional clubs and players.

As the world’s first website to offer individual coaching, fitness training, nutrition and game analysis, all under one umbrella, our aim is to prepare the next generation of players for the demands of professional football.

We pride ourselves on sporting intelligence which allows us to educate and equip our players with the best professional knowledge. Doctor Soccer will help you realise your potential and ultimately assist in your development as a complete player.

WANT YOUR OWN PERSONAL COACH? Individual coaching gives you access to your own personal coach. Whether you need to improve your positional play or ball distribution, your personal coach can assist with every aspect of your game. Contact us to discuss the concerns you have about your game and to find out how Doctor Soccer can help.

WANT YOUR OWN SOCCER SPECIFIC FITNESS INSTRUCTOR? Having exceptional physical condition is important for all soccer players. Use our expert knowledge on fitness and nutrition so that you can train smarter, eat better, play harder and recover quicker.

WANT YOUR GAME ANALYSED JUST LIKE YOU SEE ON TV? No matter where you are in the world you can now utilise the systems and expertise that the elite professionals use and have your match analysed by our state of the art soccer analysis technology…

  • Pinpoint the aspects of your game that need improving
  • Give yourself that extra edge over your opponents
  • Statistical evidence to define your performance
  • Training suggestions to improve your game
  • Techniques and methods to help you think like a pro

Performance data will help you assess your game and identify the areas which you need to improve. With this knowledge at your disposal you have the power to develop your game and achieve higher. Check out our Services to learn more about having your game analysed.

Coaches wanting to have their entire team analysed please contact us directly to find out more.

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You work very hard to be the best but with Doctor Soccer you can start to think like a pro and become even better!